Fiocca Studio

The Studio

Located in the west end of Toronto, Fiocca Studio specializes in producing high end commercial photography, food photography, and motion.


Our strength is our people. Our photography is world-class. Our service and quality is our obsession.

Rob Fiocca is known for his love of food almost as much as his love of photography. On any given day at the studio you can find his small team gathered together for one of his famous ribeye steak feasts.

Fiocca Studio is a full service, Toronto-based photography studio offering our clients everything from production to digital imaging. The studio is well-maintained with beautiful natural light, and fully equipped with the latest cameras, lighting, grip and most up-to-date digital workstations not to mention one of the best cappuccinos in the city.

Every client that walks through the door gets the best treatment, service and quality. Hands down.

*Attitude not included.